Meaning of Jinbeh

Jinbeh 甚兵衛 was once a common surname among the farmers and peasants during the feudal “medieval” ages of Japan. Chosen this name by the owner, Ben Matsuda, to symbolize the core values of what the name represented: humility, honesty, and hard work. The word also can be used to describe what a Jinbeh-San commonly wore: a double-breasted, short-sleeve cotton top with long, knee-high cotton pants. Although Jinbeh no longer exists as one’s name in modern day Japan, the name will always be remembered as the beacon of the historic era for the individuals who created the foundation of the Japanese economy and strong work ethic.

History of Jinbeh

In January of 1988, Jinbeh Las Colinas was open to the public among one of the first authentic Japanese restaurants in Dallas. Jinbeh in Las Colinas is unique because we offer traditional Japanese tatami rooms where guests take their shoes off and sit on a bamboo floor. We offer a feast of traditional Japanese dishes such as Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki, in addition to sushi and teppanyaki, or hibachi grills. Through the blessings of Jinbeh Las Colinas, Jinbeh Lewisville was born in 1999, followed by Jinbeh Frisco in 2003. On behalf of all of us at Jinbeh, we are grateful to all of our patrons who allow us to do what we love best: serve quality food in an enjoyable atmosphere. We adhere to only serving the highest quality foods and ingredients, as well as continuously improving our innovative culinary creations.

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